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News letter 5.27.19

Weekly Vortex Update!
May 29-June 1


Black Belt Testing

Next weekend Vortex Leander will be holding Black Belt Testing. This is a TWO DAY, intense event for those working towards earning their black belt. It is an amazing test to witness and we would love for Pflugerville students to attend and support fellow Vortex students. If you would to attend, we will be shuttling up to 13 students over to see the event. Please see sign up in the lobby if you wish you join. You MUST be at a green belt of higher and once you sign up, Shihan must sign off on your attendance. Please note, there will be no Sparring classes June 7th due to testing.

Summer Camp is HERE! 
Summer Camp begins next week!!! June 3rd will be our first official Summer Camp day! Doors open at 7:30AM. Do you know what your kiddo will be doing this summer? How about learning to speak Japanese, or exploring caves, become buddies with a kangaroo and a Lemur!  Get your students away from a screen and ensure your student is in a SAFE and FUN environment this summer! Secure your spot this week, ONLY 5 more spots left!!!!

Join us  Saturday June 1st, at at open house! You can meet our staff and see what the kiddos will be doing this summer! Here campers will be able to get their Uniforms, fill out policies and procedures and fill out any needed waivers!

Vortex Sports Academy Camp Open House

11:00am – 12:00pm for last name A-M

12:00pm – 1:00pm for last name N-Z

End of School, End of School, End of School!!!!   
2018-2019 is coming to a close. The PfISD kiddos will have an early release day on Thursday, Vortex WILL be picking them up on this day! Friday, there will be a day camp available to all After School students and any other parents that need care! We have a sign up sheet in the lobby, next to the back room sign in/out binder. Please connect with Ms. Ashley if you have any questions J

Also, if you are not in need of care either of these days, please make sure to let us know. There is a sign in sheet for this as well. These systems help us get an accurate count of what to expect on these camp days and gives our staff the opportunity to plan super awesome activities based on how many kiddos we expect to be there. Thank you for your cooperation!

Thank you!